a fast casual trip to South Africa

I’ve been enjoying South African food lately both in San Diego and now here in OC. Peri Peri Mozambique is a fast casual spot in Newport Beach which offers a taste of South Africa in an easy and accessible manner.

I arrived a bit late and my friends had started with Peri-Peri Prawns ($14.95) seven grilled prawns (well, they left a few for me) basted with garlic lemon butter, served with Mozambique rice and vegetables. I love prawns although they don’t love my cholesterol, but, I still eat them. These were still very tasty at room temperature with a great char taste.

Fries Gone Wild ($3.95) is the Peri Peri version of loaded fries or carne asada fries. Seasoned fries are baked in Peri-Peri sauce — a delicious sauce of various spices which you can buy a bottle of and take home — and melted sharp cheddar cheese. It is hard to overload on these because that Peri-Peri sauce is seriously addictive. I poured more over my fries, oh yes I did, and brought a bottle home as well!

Combo Maputo Platter ($13.50) is a good item to order because it gives you a good selection of menu items on one plate. You get two prawns, 1/4 Peri chicken and one Boerewors sausage, but I would totally just order items separately on a second visit.

The Boerewors sausage is a South African specialty meaning ‘farmer’s sausage’ and based on a traditional Dutch sausage. The one here is milder in taste than the ones I’ve had before which probably appeals to a wider audience. Served with a pineapple slaw, mazavaroo (a spicy chili) fries, and black eyed peas

And while Mac n Cheese ($3.50) is on the kids’ menu, if you love this comfort food, the one here is quite delicious. Cheesy, creamy and definitely good enough for my very picky mac n cheese palate.

Finish your meal with Mango Mousse Cake ($5), not too heavy with a nice touch of tartness so you’re not returning to work feeling you need to take a nap!

Prices are so reasonable you are basically getting a meal for $10 or under, and the platters can feed two comfortably with an additional appetizer — just something to think about!

This week’s giveaways are two $25 giftcards to Peri-Peri Mozambique. Leave me a comment by telling me your experiences with South African cuisine (or lack of) with your FULL name for a chance to win. As usual, you have until Sunday to enter. Remember, you have to leave a REAL full name to enter. Winners will be announced on Monday July 16. Good Luck!

Peri-Peri Mozambique
1332 Bison Avenue
Newport Beach, CA 92660
Tel: 949-718-0956

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