diary of a Mad Hungry Woman follows the food adventures of Anita Lau, a 20-year-plus veteran in the food writing business. She is obsessed and passionate about finding new and interesting eating venues whether they are fine dining, holes-in-the-wall, food trucks or even, an old lady selling tamales out of a shopping cart, nothing is beyond the realm of her culinary repertoire.

Most of all, she enjoys sharing these food experiences with her friends and then blogging about it to her readers. Each excursion is unique, some are boring, others fascinating, and then there are those so dismal, yet hard to forget.

This is a journey into the ever-evolving world of food, eating and general merriment. Come along and enjoy the ride!

** please click BIO for Anita’s achievements over the last two decades**



6 thoughts on “ABOUT MHW

  1. Anita, I am thinking of sending my son to the Hongwanji Mission School in Hawaii. I saw your review of the school you wrote back in 2006. Could you elaborate about the types of “punishment” the school uses? Did you feel there wasn’t enough academics at the school? What grade was your child in? My son will be entering Kindergarten. Would appreciate any info asap!!!

  2. I believe you would love Dong Hung Vien Bakery in Westminster, Ca. It’s a Vietnamese-oriented bakery that offers a twist of American and French cuisine in their food. Dong Hung Vien Bakery has been around for 22 years and they have the highest quality of food from fresh bread and sandwiches to their very famous Vietnamese coffee and patechaud. This place is very popular amongst the Vietnamese community as well as regulars who have long ago or just recently discovered this place. They deserve to be more in the public eye so everyone can enjoy a delicious taste of this place!

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