>Sushilicious — it surely is

So a new kaiten sushi place opened up in Irvine and my friend and I went to check it out. I’m generally not a fan of kaiten sushi purely because I feel it’s mass produced but this conveyor belt sushi place really surprised me. The decor is hip and trendy, the fish is fresh and flavorful. They also have bottomless vegetable tempura for $7.99, if you like tempura that is. The sushi plates run up to $4/plate for now and you get good sized pieces of fish for that. Large bottles of Japanese beer go for $5/bottle which is really reasonable. I especially like how they have your fusion ‘rolls’ as well as traditional fish like hamachi, maguro, toro and saba. There definitely is something for everyone. Service is a little hit and miss, although they definitely aim to please, but having said that, they’ve only been open a short while so they’re still ironing out the kinks. So far, I’m really pleased with this place and am truly tickled that they are so close to me. I’m definitely coming back again for another run very soon!

Sushilicious, 15435 Jeffrey Road, Irvine, CA 92618. Tel: 949-552-2260

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>Barcelona OnTheGo — appeal on wheels

>So went to check out Barcelona OnTheGo today with a couple of friends. This is a gourmet food truck serving Spanish food and I was excited to try them out. 

We tried almost everything on the menu including chicken empanadas (pictured right), delicious beyond belief! Tortilla espanola (below), is a potato and egg ‘quiche’ and eaten at room temperature. My son loves this item.

Lentil soup is very flavorful and all the wonderful smokey aromas of the ham comes through with every spoonful. Steak with chimichurri sauce has to be my favorite item of all, succulent pieces of beef with Esteban’s perfectly seasoned chimichurri sauce is a must if you’re a meat lover.

Ham and manchego cheese croquettes, seafood and chicken paella and flan de naranja (orange infused flan) are others on the menu worth trying. 

The paella (pictured below) could’ve been a little more intense in flavor, but still good. I thought what Esteban was serving up is far better than any Spanish restaurant in Orange Country is trying to pass as Spanish food to its customers. I’ve been nothing but disappointed by the various Spanish restaurants I’ve been to in OC and it has really been a bummer! 

Items on the menu range between $3 and $9.

UPDATE 05/03/10: This has become one of my favorite gourmet trucks in OC! The food is still stellar and although the prices now range between $3 and $10, I’m still willing to shell out that kind of money for tasty food!

LATEST UPDATE 08-03-10: BOTG as this truck is endearingly known as is still one of my favorite mobile food trucks around. Esteban Nocito has perfected repertoire and from the original menu, the croquettas are no longer, but added to the list are serrano and manchego panini, sausage sandwich, figs and manchego, which are absolutely delicious. My favorite steak with chimichurri sauce and the chicken empanadas are still on the menu and as delicious as ever. 

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