>Phuong’s — Vietnamese noodles

Came here with my friend for their specialty hu tieu my tho kho. These aren’t like any of the regular Vietnamese noodles such as pho, mi or bun, but rather, transparent and chewy in texture. We opted for the dry version which is served with bits of cha siu (bbq pork), shrimp, a quail egg, and bean sprouts and chrysanthemum leaves if you wish. A bowl of tomato-based sauce is provided for you to flavor your noodles with. Another bowl of piping hot broth can be used on its own or added to your noodles for easily pliability. I thought it was a different and unique change to the usual Vietnamese noodles I’m accustomed to, but I still prefer the mi (egg noodles) noodles over these hu tieu noodles. Service was swift and a bowl of noodles was only 5 bucks! What a bargain!

Phuong’s, 12630 Westminster Ave, Garden Grove, CA 92843. Tel: 714-534-3339

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>Extraordinary Desserts — well, you be the judge

>Second visit to Extraordinary Desserts proved much better than the first. This time, ordered blood orange ricotta torte which not only was moist, not overly sweet, nice tart finish, but in the ED tradition, the extremely generous slice arrived beautifully presented atop a colorful raspberry, mango and blood orange coulis. I’d tried many of their other cakes before and wasn’t too impressed but this time, the blood orange torte definitely won me over. Unfortunately, the service did nothing but to dampen my spirits. If you’re in the service industry, then do what is expected! Service your customers with a smile and efficiency!

Extraordinary Desserts, 1430 Union Street, San Diego, CA 92101. Tel: 619-294-7001

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