>Oshimi — sassy sashimi

I’m always excited about fresh, tasty sashimi so when I tried the deluxe chirashi bowl here, I was pleasantly surprised at how top grade the fish was here. The deluxe chirashi bowl is not cheap at $21 on the lunch menu but the cuts are generous and the rice is beautifully seasoned. Service is pretty attentive here. The restaurant itself is rather small but they make you feel very welcome giving you bowls of miso soup and complimentary dessert at the end of the meal. I highly recommend you give this place a try if you like good Japanese fare!

Oshimi, 1956 N Tustin, Orange, CA 92865. Tel: 714-998-0098 


>Crepes de Paris — off with your heads!

How do you resist a $5.99 deal when you see one, especially when that deal consists of a sandwich of your choice, side salad and a drink. Well, you just can’t. A bunch of my friends and I came to partake on this special lunch time deal but I think most of us left feeling rather unsatisfied. I ordered off the hot sandwiches menu — grilled chicken sandwich — and I had expected that the sandwich would be grilled, kinda toasted at least, but sadly, it wasn’t. The sandwich had a piece of grilled chicken inside, which was warm when it reached me. Other than that, the condiments are cold and the bread was just your regular sliced bread. I was far from being blown away by this mediocre at best type of sandwich I could’ve just thrown together at home. Yeah, sure $5.99 sounds like a great deal, but when you actually see it for what it’s worth, you’ll definitely have second thoughts. The one friend who ordered a savory crepe had everyone else attacking it for a taste. I don’t like crepes and the savory kind was just nasty — it had the consistency of sweet crepes with a hint of sweetness and then the filling is savory — gawd it was bad.

Crepes De Paris, 2710 Alton Parkway, Irvine CA 92606. Tel: 949-727-2096

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>Tai Buu — French inspired Vietnamese

So, wow! I’ve been wanting to try these garlic butter frogs legs (pictured) for a really long time now and finally, when my BFF was down this way we went to try them. We both proclaimed them tasty indeed! These frogs legs were not the small dinky ones I’ve always been accustomed to eating. These were meaty, almost mutant-looking frogs legs, each piece was succulent, moist, tender and flavored so intensely with garlic and butter. We ate up every little morsel and licked our lips in contentment and we are talking about when we’ll come back again to eat these! Those of you who are squeamish, don’t fret, order the bo luc lac — shaking beef — which is also very tasty! These pieces of cubed piece are seared and tossed with a pepper sauce and are incredibly tasty!

Tai Buu Paris, 9684 Westminster Blvd, Garden Grove, CA 92844. Tel: 714-534-6114

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